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  • Availability : in Round & Rectangle
  • Model : VACUUM OVEN

Vacuum ovens are used for a wide variety of vacuum drying, curing, and moisture content testing. common applications include drying heat sensitive samples, moisture determination, and drying samples under a controlled atmosphere.

“IMMAC” unique features include:
  • High reliability

  • Low leakage rate

  • Toughened glass door for viewing

Technical Specifications OF VACUUM OVEN

  • Inside chamber is made of thick stainless steel S.S.304

  • Outside chamber made of mild steel Powder coated

  • High grade glass wool insulation between two walls to avoid lost of heat

  • Uniform drying under vacuum temp. range 50 deg C to 200 deg C with accuracy of ± 2 deg C

  • Precise vacuum gauge up to 30 H2 analogue

  • Temp controlled by digital temp controller cum indicator

  • Vacuum chamber is wrapped with set of high quality heater for quick & uniform heating door and has a thick tempered toughen glass window perfectly sealed with silicon rubber gasket for observation without disturbing thermal condition C

  • Proper door alignment to ensure excellent vacuum performance & operate safety

  • Positive screw to tighten the lid to obtain preface seal

  • Fitted with vacuum valves & vacuum gauge

  • Switches & indicating lamps are provided on front panel.

  • PID Controller with printer option

  • Programmable controller with 8 steps

  • Sizes available in Round Vacuum Oven
    Size in inches Cap in LTR Cap Watts Power consumption
    9"x12" 11 300 2 AMP
    12"x15" 26 750 3 AMP
    18"x18" 50 950 4 AMP

    Sizes available in Rectangular Vacuum Oven
    Size in inches Cap in LTR No.For Shelves Rating K.W.
    8"x8"x12" 12 LTR 2 1600
    12"12"x16" 37 LTR 2 1750
    14"x14"x20" 63 LTR 3 2000
    18"x18"x24" 125 LTR 3 2250
    20"x20"x30" 190 LTR 4 2500