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Our highly trained support services

Customer Support is a very important key function at IMMAC

In a world where businesses need to do more than just sell products—some of them also want to build relationships—IMMAC support service is a key function of the promise that the brand makes to a customer. It’s more than just providing solutions. It’s helping customers even when they don’t know they need help. It’s teaching them how to do more with our products. It starts with a smile and a friendly word, and finishes with sharing our highly trained technical expertise.
No wonder, that IMMAC has retained customers over the years & enjoys a very high market share.

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Our Excellent Support

IMMAC’s support starts the day a customer requests for product information. Right from the selection of the appropriate technology & the equipment, IMMAC will accompany the customer through the installation & efficient use of its machines. Customer’s can bring in products to try out on IMMAC’s various equipment & choose the appropriate solution based on consultation with the IMMAC support team.
With the use of our sophisticated equipment, maintenance is of utmost importance & IMMAC provides the right support, training & tools to its Customers. In the event, a IMMAC technician is required, we have a pool of highly trained engineers & associates who will be glad to help you.
IMMAC offers a wide support network for all its Customers. Training of customer’s representatives is also something that IMMAC regularly offers.

Our Technology Center

IMMAC equipment is designed & developed in-house with a strong focus on customer satisfaction & equipment efficiency.The Technology Center, at Hyderabad is fully equipment with experienced design personnel as well as a manufacturing shop & a complete validation & testing area.

IMMAC continuously works with its customers in developing new equipment, features & solving technical challenges that the client may be encountering. Please contact us for further details on how we can help you produce your products more efficiently & effectively.

Spares & Services

IMMAC Service is available around the clock & usually, we are able to supply with Spares & Parts, if it becomes necessary, within 24 hours. Apart from the availability of trained technicians & spare parts, IMMAC also offers various other services such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical industries For already installed equipment, IMMAC does have a wide offering of Maintenance Services as well as reconditioning of specific equipment.